Pet Herps and Diet

24 05 2011

Pet Herps and Diet

Species of herps that usually accept prepared diets:

  1. Crested geckos
  2. Day geckos
  3. Bearded dragons
  4. green Iguanas
  5. Man species of turtles and tortoises
  6. African Clawed frogs
  7. many species of newts
  8. monitor lizards
  9. Schneider’s (or Berber’s) skinks
  10. Legless lizatds
  11. Blue-tongued skinks

A pet leopard gecko may survive for years on store bought mealworms but it is not a balanced diet and will require vitamin and mineral supplementation.  In a wild environment that lizard would feed oa a wide variety of nutritions invertebrates and just not crickets of mealworms.  The pet is actually denied the opportunity to balance its own diet.  Advantage of captive herps is that they are not subjected to food shortages, drought conditions or overcrowding.




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