Reptile Facts

24 05 2011

Reptile Facts

The number of U.S. Households keeping reptiles as pets in 2007 is 4.8 million.  Keeping a total of 15.3 million individual reptiles.

17% of reptile keepers personally collect their pets from the wild.

Most reptile owners hare multiple pets.  7 out of 10 reptile owners own dogs, cats 5 out of 10 and fish nearly 5 out of 10.  15% of reptile owners have ponds.

Other people having ponds include 16% of people owning freshwater fish and 23% of people owning saltwater fish.

Coote, Jon. “Herptile Overhaul”, Pet Business. May 2007 p. 82.

Reptiles are ectotherms (cold-blooded).  This means that they depend on their environmental temperature to regulate their own body temperature.  Studies in reptile physiology have shown that increasing a reptile’s body temperature will increase its immunocompetence.  In other words, the elevated environmental temperature augments its ability to fight off disease.  This is one of the reasons why it is so important to raise the temperature of a reptile’s tank when its gets sick.




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