Banning Specific Breeds

29 05 2011

Banning Specific Breeds




Punishing the owner and not the animal in dog bite cases was the overriding theme at the American Bar Association’s all –day conference on dangerous dogs and breed-specific legislation held at New York University’s law school December 1, 2007.


Professionals claim the public would be better protected by laws that prevent situations that lead to aggressive dog behavior such as chaining, dog fighting and the ownership of intact animals rather than ownership bans on specific breeds.


Several recommendations were made on how to challenge a breed-specific law on constitutional grounds, such as a vague definition of the breed or what constitutes a “dangerous animal” and a lack of due process for the pet owner.


How much pit would a mixed-breed dog need to possess to be deemed unacceptable?

“Lobbying and going to your legislature is one of the best ways to stop breed-specific legislation.”  Prince George County in Maryland has had a decade-old ban on pit bulls the breed remains highly popular, which infers the enforcement of the ordinance is costing the government thousands of dollars and causing hundreds of pets to be euthanized every year.


As of May 2008, the Ohio House of Representatives seeks to outlaw pit Bull ownership and plans to necessate the euthanasia of dogs that aren’t removed from the state.  If HV 568 passes animal control officials will be given authority to seize and destroy Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and their mixes. The city of Cincinnati already has a 13 year old city wide band on the breed. The AVMA position is that no breed of dog should be discriminated against.






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