Drawbacks of Dog Ownership

29 05 2011


Drawbacks of Dog Ownership




The American Pet Products Manufacturers Assn.’s 2007-2008 National Pet Owners Survey reports that the most commonly cited drawbacks associated with dog ownership are:


  1. Sadness when they die (50%)
  2. Shedding (34%)
  3. Finding care when away from home (33%)
  4. Cost of food, care and medicine (27%)
  5. General cleaning up (25%)
  6. Begging (24%)
  7. Noise, barking and whining (22%)
  8. Damage to furniture, carpet and floors (20%)
  9. Fleas and ticks (17%)
  10. Damage to outdoor property, inconvenient to travel with odor (three-way tie at 11%)





More than eight out of 10 senior pet owners say that owning a pet makes them feel happier,k and nearly seven out of 10 claim their pet  helps them stay mentally active.

Almost halp of these same seniors become more physically active once they had adopted a pet and 26% of them women reported they lost weight after adopting a pet.


Seniors also have lowered systolic blood pressure and cholesterolol levels.  The emotional benefits are hard to measure but they can greatly increase the quality of life for these same individuals and give them a best friend.  Almost 69% of athese respondents claimed their pet makes them look forward to each new day-an attitude that contributes to a more active life style.





Luechtefeld, Lori “Good Solutions for Bad Dogs”.  Pet Product News International.  January 2008. Pp. 94-96.


“More Than a Companion.”  Pet Age. January 2008.P. 56.




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