Motion Sickness in the Dog

1 06 2011

Motion Sickness in the Dog




Does you cat or dog constantly howl or cry while riding in a car? Is your dog trembling even before you place them in the car?  As a consequence of their anxiety do they often begin to vomit?  These may all be clinical signs of motion sickness than make you dread those yearly trips to the veterinarian or going back home to visit the folks.  Even if you are resolved to leaving your pet at a kennel, those short trips to the boarding facility may result in your cleaning up a mess in your pet’s kennel or even worse on the car seats.


The standard treatment for motion sickness in the past has been acepromazine, which is a tranquilizer that has secondary antiemetic (anti-vomiting) effects.  An alternative to sedation which leaves a dog drowsy is Cerenia®, a new drug released by Pfizer Animal Health.  In fact, it is currently the only drug approved for both the prevention of motion sickness and the treatment and prevention of acute vomiting. Used only once daily it can be an effective preventative treatment for vomiting due to motion sickness in the dog.


Cerenia® also known as maropitant citrate is an antagonist for neurokinin1 receptors which are found in peripheral afferent neurons.  These receptors are also found in the chemoreceptor trigger zone and are apparently found in high numbers in the vomiting center as well.  Cerenia blocks neurokininl  receptors, so it works both peripherally and centrally to stop vomiting.








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