Otitis Externa

1 06 2011

Otitis Externa


Otitis Externa is a bacterial, fungal, parasitic or mixed infection of the external ear canal characterized by inflammation and pain.  Occasionally foreign bodies may also be detected in the ear such as a grass awn.  Affected pets will exhibit symptoms including excessive scratching, rubbing and shaking of the ear.  Often the infected ear will be held in a lower position.


Treatment consists of thoroughly cleaning the ear following examination.  Cleaning the pets’ ears must be done in such a way as to avoid possible damage to the tympanic membrane or ear drum.   Topical medications will often give excellent therapeutic results when used correctly for the appropriate infection.


Amino glycosides, when applied to extended periods of time or when the tympanic membrane is not intact may cause damage to the vestibular and cochlear portions of the ear resulting in deafness. These products should be discontinued if there is a change in a pets’ auditory responsiveness.




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