Top 10 Items Surgically Removed from Pets

1 06 2011


Top 10 Items Surgically Removed from Pets



According to Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), the 10 most commonly removed items from a pet’s intestinal tract includes:


  1. Socks
  2. Briefs
  3. Panty Hose
  4. Rocks
  5. Balls
  6. Chew Toys
  7. Corn Cobs
  8. Bones
  9. Hair Ties and Ribbons
  10. Sticks


Foreign bodies are common cause of emergencies in the dog.  These objects can represent a diagnostic challenge because not always are clinical signs specific and radiography is not always diagnostic.


The University Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine conducted a study of 500 dogs with foreign bodies found in the GI tract.  Foreign bodies were separated in those that were linear (LFB) such as string and Non-Linear foreign bodies such as plastic (NLFB).


Researchers found that dogs with LFB were more likely to have a history of being lethargic combined with vomiting and abdominal pain especially on palpation.  The 5 most commonly found LFB were:   1. Cloth

2.  Carpet

3.  String

4.  Sock

5.  Unknown Object


The Top 5 Non-Linear Foreign Bodies Surgically Removed form Dogs included:

1.  Corncob

2.  Rubber Object

3.  Unknown Object

4.  Piece of Plastic

5.  Tennis Ball or Rock










Dogs with LFB required longer, and more complicated surgeries including frequent bowel resection (removal of a section of intestines) and anastomosis (reconnection of the two bowl ends).   Dogs suffering from LFB also had a greater frequency of post operative problems such as necrosis, perforation and peritonitis.  These pets also required loner hospitalization.  Survival rates are often reported as inferior with LFB although the University of PA in this study reported a 96% success rate following surgery for both LFB as well as NLFB.







“Study Looks at Foreign Body Differences.”  Veterinary Forum.  January 2009. P. 14.









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